Student Activities

National Service Scheme

The National Service Scheme has been introduced in this college from the session 1985-86. At first there was only one Unit with one programme officer and 50 student volunteers. Unit - II & Unit -III started during the session 1987-88 & 1995-96 respectively. All the students of this college are eligible to join the scheme as N.S.S. volunteers.

Objectives of N.S.S.

The overall objective of NSS is to enrich and enlighten the personality of the students which can be achieved by providing the students different opportunities like -

(a) To understand through direct experience the realities of social life.

(b) To realise one's responsibility to the community.

(c) To develop a spirit of fellow - feeling and service to the needy.

(d) To inculcate in the students the value of citizenship and democratic leadership.

(e) To acquire skill, insight and understanding in working with people.

(f) To understand the dignity of labour.

To encourage wider participation in NSS the following incentives are given to student volunteers :-

(i) Allowance for conveyance, food, refreshment etc.

(ii) Award of Certificates and medals for distinguished services at college, state and National level

(iii) Preference in job.


Red- Cross

The working committee of the Red-Cross Society consists of the Principal as its ex-officio Chairman, One Counsellor as its secretary, three members of the teaching staff nominated by the Principal as members, N.S.S. officers as members and two student volunteers nominated by the Principal.

The aims and objectives of Red-Cross are :-

(a) Providing service to the affected people at the time of natural calamities like flood, famine and fire.

(b) Holding blood donation, eye, dental and general health check-up camps for the benefit of the people.

All students of the college shall be its member.



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