The students’ Welfare committee is consisting of eight members of teching  and – teaching staff with a view  to see the welfare of the students in all aspects. The  committee maintains all correspondences to the parents in connection with the students whenever  required. The parent- teacher meet and the orientation class of new entrants are also organized by this committee.


There shall be a Magazine committee in the college both for +2  & +3. This  committee  shall be consisting of an Editorial Board nominated by the  principal with the later as the ex-officio President. There shall be the  alas representatives in the committee one from each class elected by the students of their own  classes.


  The  aims  and  objectives of the magazine  are to improve the literary talent among the students. Standard  articles given by the students are selected by the Editorial Board. Only ane article of a student is selected for publication. Articles given by the employees are also selected for printing.



There shall be a puja committee in the college to organize and perform pujas, such as Genesh puja  & Saraswati puja. Principal will be the ex – officio president. Vice- president & Associates will be nominated by the principal  from  among the  Teaching Staff. Each year after admission, the  principal will nominate seven students (one from each class) and they will be the members of the Puja  Committee for the running academic session.

The meeting of the puja committee shall be convened by the vice-president in consultation with the principal and in the first meeting the budget shall be prepared and presented before the principal for approval. 50% of the members of the puja committee will constitute the quorum. In all matters of dispute and doubt, the principal’s decision will be final.

The vice-president will draw the money and is accountable for all expenditures to be incurred shall not exceed the amount collected from the students. The  puja committee will perform puja in cooperation with all the students and employees of the college.



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