College Library

1.The College Library remains open during college hour on all working days and may be used by the Teaching- Non-Teaching staff, students of the college and other persons specially permitted by the Principal.

2. Books will be issued/received in between 11 A.M. to 2.30 P.M. No person except the teaching staff and persons specially permitted by the Principal shall go beyond the Library counter and enter the Library room.

3. Students can borrow books from the Library on production of Library card along with their identity card.

4. No book shall be taken out of the Library before it is properly entered in the issue register and the borrower puts her/his signature there on.

5. Each borrower must examine the condition of the book / books before it is issued. In case of damage found on return, the presumption will go against the borrower.

6. Students should return the books within two weeks following the date of issue, otherwise a fine of Rs. 0.25 (Twenty - Five only) per day shall be charged per book upto the thirtieth day. After 30 days a fine of Rs.5/- per month will be collected. After the second month, notice will be issued to the concerned borrower to return the book/books immediately failing which action will be taken against her as deemed fit.

7. In case the date of return falls on a holiday, the books may be returned on the next working day for which no fine will be charged.

8. Notification for class-wise issue of books is made by the Principal and for each class there is a specific day on which books may be issued and returned.


Class    Day      Week

+2 Ist (Arts)

Wednesday, Thursday

First Week, & Third Week of every month.

+2 IInd (Arts)

Monday, Tuesday

+2 Ist (Sc.)

Friday, Saturday

+2 IInd (Sc.)

+3 Ist Yr.

Friday, Saturday

Second Week, & Fourth Week of every month.

+3 IInd Yr.

Wednesday, Thursday

+3 IIIrd Yr.

Monday, Tuesday

9. Maximum number of books that may be issued to different categories of borrowers are -

(a) Teaching Staff - 15 each

(b) Non-Teaching (Class III) - 5 each

(c) Non-Teaching (Class IV) - 3 each

(d) +3 (Hons) Students - 4 each

(e) +3 (Pass) Students - 3 each

(f) +2 Students - 2 each

10. No marking shall be made on the Library books nor any page be removed or disfigured. If any such case is found, the Librarian shall report the Principal to take necessary action against the borrower.

11. Books lost or damaged must be replaced by the borrower. Three times of the cost of the book shall be charged if the book is a rare copy.

12. All books along with the Library cards should be returned before the Summer Vacation or before filling the application form for +2/+3 examinations as the case may be.

13. If a student lost her Library Card, she should immediately apply to the Principal for a duplicate card on payment of the prescribed fine.

14. No student will be allowed to fill up the application form for appearing the CHSE / University examination unless she obtains the "No dues" Certificate from the Librarian.

15. In case of transfer of employees or students, documents like L.P.C, T.C, Mark Sheets, etc. Should not be issued unless a clearance certificate is received from the Librarian.



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